Julien Xuereb
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LIVE AT 9:30

A Short Film by Tom Cohen

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The Baltimore Sun

Senior Facilities Welcome Live-in Peabody Students
By Tim Smith

Springwell director and co-owner Phil Golden heard of a resident musician project at a retirement community in California and thought something like that would be a natural for his. "There have been studies that show the benefits of music on mental clarity and physical movement," Golden said. "Our residents love music. We feel the more music, the better." Golden contacted Peabody with the offer of a free apartment to a student in exchange for music-making at the facility...
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Maryland Public Television

By Nancy Yamada
Making it as a musician can be challenging, but as Nancy Yamada shows us once local grad student is getting valuable experience all because of his unconventional living arrangement.
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Assisted Living Center Offers Student Home for Music
By Omar Jimenez

Finding a place to live for the right price is one thing, but in this case, it's all about the right note. At Springwell Senior Living, one music student gets to play for a place to stay.
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X Comme Xuereb
By Jean-Pierre Biskup

Julien Xuereb est guitariste classique. Mais pas seulement : il n’y a pas de limites de genres pour composer de la musique, et on peut s’inspirer de différents courants musicaux. Vivant entre France et Etats-Unis, il sort son premier album intitulé Introspection...
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